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Kaki King & Tamar Eisenman

In SEI guitar movement and dance take over the stage. The guitarists Kaki King and Tamar Eisenman become dancers, coordinating their whole bodies to perform the rigors of both choreography and composition.

Multiple guitars are spaced out strategically, in a design allowing for music and movement to be created between them. In SEI, the relationship between the players is revealed musically and physically, a progression of distance and space—like the progression between the six individual strings of the guitar.

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We are thrilled to announce that we've been working hard creating a fun and engaging musical experience that your little ones are sure to love. Shhhhh....While we can't reveal too much just yet, stay tuned for updates on this exciting new venture.


Room 31 

A beautiful and intimate listening room  curated at Arlo NoMad hotel NYC hosting live events, Jazz, Blues, Roots, Americana, Poetry and more.



Shai Wetzer - Drums

Ran Livneh - Bass

Tamar Eisenman - Guitar


The trio met to play for the first time in January 2021 at Shai’s backyard, with a vision of creating improvised, in-the-moment music. Despite being lifelong friends and colleagues, the three had never played as a trio. During  the covid days in NYC, their delicate musical meetings endured an unknown chaotic reality. Their friendship led to new musical discoveries and the “Meet You There” EP symbolizes that sense of partnership and friendship.  

“Meet You There” is part one of an ongoing quest of TRIO107 recording improvised music. This work reflects the range of their own individual explorations of Jazz, Instrumental, Ambient and World music, creating a tone that seeks stability and compassion and is always recorded live.

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Music for Film and TV by Tamar Eisenman
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