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“It took me two days to recover from the shock, recalling a great musical experience  in which I saw Garry Moore, B.B. King, and Jimmy Hendrix all on one stage Reflected through Tamar Eisenman, whose performance borders on perfection.

Don’t let Tamar Eisenman’s diminutive stature fool you - she’s a musical heavyweight" 

David Brinn  


"Hard to believe when you witness the energy she brings to the stage, but singer/songwriter Tamar Eisenman has been making music for so long, she’s got a unique moniker for her style of play, a sort of “Hip Rock” approach that blends elements of blues, rock, and folk on a foundation of sweet, sweet guitar play" PENS EYE VIEW 2017

“Surprise, surprise, She’s not  Hendrix, or Moore, or BB at all. She’s Tamar Eisenman – and if you get a chance to hear her live or on record, you will know, that in a world where so many people sound the same, that’s someone very special indeed.  Eisenman is very, very much as her CD title proclaims, On her way.” 3songsbonn