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Tamar Eisenman released seven official studio albums and received an Emmy nomination for the best original soundtrack in Israel for the "The CGS'' documentary.  Eisenman Presents a versatile musical attitude with energetic guitar riffs driven songs that regularly shatter stereotypes. Bringing an exact combination of vulnerability and ruggedness, shyness and extroversion, rock & folk, all these blend into a musical concoction of "Hip-Rock." 


Currently in NYC working on various projects and touring the new multi-guitar movement SEI show created with Phenomenal Guitarist Kaki King.  SEI is a new full-length performance piece where guitar movement takes over the entire stage. In SEI which means "six" in Italian), guitarists become dancers, coordinating their whole bodies to perform the rigors of both choreography and composition.


​The most recent Rain & Dirt (2021 ) album presents her broad musical range, including 11 new tracks recorded in NYC, Shanghai, and Tel Aviv, bringing together a multicultural musical experience from a guitarist's perspective. 

Surprise, surprise, She’s not  Hendrix, or Moore, or BB at all. She’s Tamar Eisenman – and if you get a chance to hear her live or on record, you will know, that in a world where so many people sound the same, that’s someone very special indeed.  Eisenman is very, very much as her CD title proclaims, On her way.” 3songsbonn 2015

"Hard to believe when you witness the energy she brings to the stage, but singer/songwriter Tamar Eisenman has been making music for so long, she’s got a unique moniker for her style of play, a sort of “Hip Rock” approach that blends elements of blues, rock, and folk on a foundation of sweet, sweet guitar play" PENS EYE VIEW 2017

Studio Albums and more:


September 2003 Tamar released her self-titled and produced EP composed and recorded at her home studio.

Including five songs with a fresh acoustic sound combined with electronic beats and soft vocals.  The Ep was distributed independently and mainly by word of mouth. The Ep received massive attention from the local press and was followed with trio band shows across the country while centering Tamar in the evolving upcoming indie scene.


October 2005 Tamar released her debut full-length album -“5 feet 4” 15 songs produced by the master of groove and style, the guitarist, and musician Amir Ben-Ami (Hadag Nachash, Chakalaka).  Distributed by the major label “The Eighth  Note.”


Expanding from the local indie scene Tamar was introduced to the new audience and performed across the country and also collaborated with great musicians and joined the legendary musician Danny Sanderson and his band as guitarist and singer. On the band album from 2009-לא יפריד דבר Tamar sings the song "Ruleta"/רולטה.


Also, Tamar appeared daily on national TV late night show as guitarist with the “The Tonight Band” (Halayla) with Lior Schleien on channel 10.


2009 Tamar released her new single “Hit Me” from the 2nd album with major label NMC United. The single reached all the main radio charts. Following her 2nd single “Sun” the album “Gymnasium” was released December 2009 launching the ‘Gymnasium Tour’ at the Zappa TLV with special guest singer Asaf Avidan. The tour ended at the Barby TLV  July 2010 Featuring guitarist and singer Kaki King.


2011 Tamar released new singles from the 3rd album. “Creation” and “2 step dance” stating a more lively jazzy flavor mixed with rock-bluesy guitars exposing a more experimental and a warm 70’s sound with songs about fate, luck, and creation. The “Time for Creation” album joint Tamar’s rock trio with a funky Brass section. The Album was recorded live at Pluto studios in Tel Aviv with: Assaf Reiss (Drums), Mickey Warshai (Bass), Gal Dahan (Saxophone) Maayan Milo (Trombone) And was Mixed by Tamir Muskat.(*Two songs were mixed by Kobi Farch).


In 2011 Tamar was chosen to open for legend guitar player Jeff Beck in Caesarea.


2014 Hit Me (Single)- Released in Belgium and Europe, premiering a new video clip directed by Adi Halfin.


2014-2015 Tamar Releases new singles from her “Limbo” album, her first full-length album in Hebrew. Singles: Klum lo/Mamshicha/Ratza/Tam. July 2015  Tamar releases 5th Studio album. (NMC United Records/Zipi's Baby records). The album included songs written by Yankale Rotblit and David Avidan and a tribute duet version to "The Thrill is Gone." with singer song writer Rona Kenan.

2015, Tamar moved to NYC and made her debut solo show at Joe's Pub April 2016.

February 2017  "Easy Comes Free," new song from the upcoming album is released worldwide.


April 2017 “On My Way” New Global release / Odacity records/ eOne Distribution/NMC United/Magenta Label Group

April 2018:Tamar releases "Kmihaa ad klot" ( "Longing to the end") סינגל חדש "כמיהה עד כלות"


June 2019 Eisenman releases surprise EP "That Night" 

"These 3 Songs kept shouting out! Although they did not make the final cut into my previous albums they hang out proudly at my live shows . Tonight they finally break free! 3 Songs about One night in a purple dream".

July- August- September  2019  Joint tour with  musician Itay Pearl.

August 2019 Releasing new single and video " Motek Motek Motek"

September 2019 - New Song תמר אייזנמן ויהודית רביץ "בנחל אכזב" מתוך פרויקט שירי זלדה

Music produced by Tamar Eisenman & more collaborated work:

SEI Kaki King & Tamar Eisenman  / A new full-length performance piece where guitar movement takes over the entire stage. In SEI (which means "six" in Italian), guitarists become dancers, coordinating their whole bodies to perform the rigors of both choreography and composition.

אריק ברמן "אהבה ואלוהים אחרים"   2017  

2016 "Coincidence" Ronen Green Ep

Talsha-  “Right” (single 2016)


Tyto - "Always in my heart' (2016)

2015 Produced "J-Town  Girl" Hadara Levin Areddy from Rage Against The Eclipse album

2015 Produced "Road Of  War"  single 


2015 Produced “Give me Words” Hadara Levin Areddy from Rage Against The Eclipse album

2014 Produced "Mama Blues" Hadara Levin Areddy from Rage Against The Eclipse album


2013 Produced "Puzzle" Ronen Green debut album.

Tamar also performed and collaborated with great artists as a guitarist, co-producer, producer, composer and singer-Danny Sanderson, Asaf Avidan, Hadara Levin Areddy, Shanan Street, Amit Friedman, Avi Lebovich, Ronit Rolland, Ido Mosseri, Tamar Giladi, David Broza, Itay Pearl, Rona Kenan, Kaki King, I am Kloot, Anderlamusia.

Film & Soundtracks

2019  Original Music -  " The Prophet" film by Ilan Rubin Fields. Black Sheep Productions

מוסיקה מקורית  - "הנביא כהנא"  סרטו של אילן רובין פילדס

2018 Music for the documentary film by Idit Ben Shimol "חדל להיות תושב" Black Sheep Film Production Ltd.

2017 Music for the documentary series "רמטכ"לים" ("Ramatkalim") *Nominated for best original music soundtrack Israel Academy of Film and Television, Ophir awards!

Zvi Shefy Productions.

2010 Music and soundtrack for "No friend of mine" a film by Sivan Ben Ari.


2010 Music for television series "Besviva Tova" channel 1


2006 co-arranged with Ronit Rolland the music for "Stefan Braun "a movie by Itamar Alcalay.


2007  Theme song for Israeli TV series "Rock Rimon," "84 steps" on Israeli music channel.

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